Line Sizing calculation: Biphase flow.
Calculation of NPSH available and Pump Selection.
Process Simulations (Dynamic and in Steady State).
Equipment Simulations.
Equipment design.
Hydraulic simulations.
Design and Drawing in CAD Systems.
Plant debottleneck analysis of process equipment to verify que capacity of existing equipment, valves, pipes, auxiliary services, utilities.
Evaluation of the capacity of the Tankfarm.
Estimation of utilities and auxiliary services of process plants (steam, fuel gas, water, air, nitrogen, chemicals, etc.).
Design and rating of heat transfer equipment.
Design and evaluation of separation equipment.
Calculation and Design of Pressure Relief Systems: Closed collectors.
Calculation of Relief Devices: PSV Valves, Rupture disks, Pressure-Vacuum Relief Valves.
Design of cold and hot stacks.
Calculation and Verification of Control Valves.
Calculation of Restriction Orificies.
Calculation of heat load requirements. 
Calculation of Classification of areas
Waterhammed Studies

Transient Fluid Flow Studies

Plant Debottleneck Studies

Hydraullic analysis of existing processes

Safety Studies