DesigN Basis.
Heat & Mass & Balances.
Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs).
Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&IDS).
Calculation Reports (Memories).
Technical Reports (Proposal for optimizations).
Process Equipment datasheets: Coalescent and particulate filters, shell & tube heat exchangers, tanks, vessels, control valves, chemical injection skids, finned air coolers, cooling towers, distillation columns, cyclonic separators, filters, etc.
Process Equipment Specifications.
Preparation of Line Lists, Manual Valves List, Tie-ins lists, etc.
Definition of Control Logics and intrumentation.
Preparation of Control Logic Philosophy, Alarms and Interlocks.
Preparation of Cause and Effect Matrix.
Preparation of Operation Manual.
Participation in technical documentation reviews
Participation in Safety Reviews Studies: HAZID, HAZOP, etc.
Participation in 3D Model Review
Evaluation of technical offers